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This Attacker is the one that crashed in New Mexico in 1947, and was recovered in Area 51. It was later used by Steven Hiller and David Levinson to destroy the mothership in the War of 1996.

History Edit

Arrival on Earth Edit

In 1947, an alien scout ship crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico. The ship and its occupants were taken to Area 51. Two of the Aliens died in the crash, while the third expired a few weeks later. Area 51's scientists had tried to repair the ship since the late 1960's while learning much from its technology. However, they were unable to duplicate the power source for the ship until its systems were reactivated by the arrival of a mothership on July 2, 1996.

War of 1996 Edit

During the War of 1996, the ship was pressed into service by Captain Steven Hiller and David Levinson to infiltrate the alien mothership on Earth, and infect it with a computer virus. After creating the virus and entering the ship with the refurbished vessel, Steven and David tried to break their attacker free but they found themselves trapped and remain hidden until then. They then managed to destroy the mothership with a nuclear warhead and barely escaped from the ensuing explosion, forcing the pilots to safely crash land back on Earth.

Gallery Edit

Spaceship in Area 51Edit

Inside the vessel Edit

Spaceship taking off Edit

Entering the mothership Edit

Escaping the mothership Edit

SFX Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The ship was a full-scale model measuring about 65 ft. wide.
  • The hangar of a City Destroyer therefore has a capacity of at least five

hundred attacker craft, and given its massive size relative to one fighter, the theoretical hangar space to host many more.

  • The ship was designed by production designer Oliver Scholl. In The Art and Making of Independence Day: Resurgence, Scholl says "We built the interior and exterior of the attacker in one set. Meaning the attacker that was actually siting on the stage had a full interior that you needed to shoot. So you could take the whole front third of the attacker off and stick a camera in the back. It sounds really easy but it was really impractical, so that was a real torture job for [director of photography] Karl Walter Lindenlaub and for the shooting crew afterwards. But the cool thing was you had a full interior you only had to build it once, so you saved some money. That's what I remember, shooting those sets were like my babies."

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