Boomer jumping out of the way of the blast

Boomer is the family Labrador Retriever of Steven Hiller, Jasmine Dubrow, and Dylan Dubrow-Hiller.


Being the pet dog of Jasmine, Boomer followed her and Dylan when the Harvesters started destroying major cities. Boomer barely escaped the conflagration by hiding inside a utility tunnel alongside Jasmine and Dylan before they all head to El Toro, only to learn that it has been destroyed.

As Jasmine helps up pick up survivors, Boomer manage to find First Lady Marilyn Whitmore, who was injured a helicopter crash during the Harvester's invasion. He would later be flown to Area 51, where he would witness Steven and David Levinson board a Harvester ship to upload a virus onto the Harvester mothership to stop the invasion for good. Following the destruction of the mothership, Boomer is last seen riding on a military jeep alongside Jasmine and Constance Spano as they all happily reunite with Steven and David.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Boomer's narrow escape was a very late addition to the city destruction scene, with the dog filmed against a bluescreen and a miniature tunnel and cars composited behind him.
  • According to director Roland Emmerich, Boomer is alive and well in a upstate farm.