A Fighter is another type of Harvester interceptor, which came from the Harvester Mothership during the War of 2016. They are similar to an Attacker, but their appearance and weapons differ in which they are armed with much more rapid energy blasters and equipped with fast-flight capabilities.

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Harvesters Fighter landing zone

Harvesters Fighter landing zone

In contrast to the Attacker, this craft is dedicated for combat with a small cockpit area with tandem seating, similar to helicopter gunships. It was a far more mobile and responsive than the H-8 Global Defender.


War of 2016Edit


alien fighter from the front

A retaliatory strike was being planned on the Queen's Pod by the ESD; however, thousands, perhaps millions, of Fighters came out of the Harvester Mothership, and defended the Queen's Pod by attacking the H-8 Global Defenders and B-012 Bombers that participated during the assault. The enemy craft was quickly being destroyed, so Jake Morrison discovered that they need to fly inside. Dylan Dubrow-Hiller and the other pilots decided to listen, and because they weren't near the Pod anymore, the Fighters stopped attacking them.

After the ESD's first attack on the Harvester Mothership was repealed, a Gunship and several of these craft then performed escort duty for the Harvesters' assault on NORAD at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The resulting attack killed Elizabeth Lanford and her cabinet, including Reese Tanner.

Inside the Harvester Mothership, ESD members including Jake Morrison, Dylan Dubrow-Hiller, Charles Miller, and Rain Lao hijacked a couple Fighters, after Jake distracted some Harvesters in a control tower. However, the Harvesters were furiated by complete disrespect, so they had Harvester soldier stop them, but it was too late. Soon after, some of the other Fighters attacked the hijacked ones, but the hijacked Fighters escaped the Mothership, and the ones following them were defeated.
Alien fighters in the sky

When the IDR Harvester Queen launched an attack on Area 51, thousands of Fighters were used in the assault.

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  • Unlike many other Harvester craft, Fighters have very weak deflector shields. Apparently after being hit a few times, they just blow up, as shown in the assault on the Harvester Mothership during the War of 2016.

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