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The H-8 Global Defender is a hybrid aerospace fighter that was developed by the Earth Space Defense.

Performance Characteristics Edit

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Deployment and Combat Capabilities Edit

The fighters are equipped with hybrid anti-gravity fusion drives that are used for rapid acceleration in space. The Global Defender is armed with two underwing rapid-fire blaster cannons similar to the Attacker. Moreover, the aircraft seems to have a built-in life support system integrated into the fighter which allows a pilot to breathe without the use of a oxygen mask.

The Global Defender was originally equipped with deflector shields. However, this drains energy from the fusion drive and creates more drag during atmospheric flight.[1]

History Edit

Post-War of 1996 Edit

The H-8 Global Defender was first introduced in August 2014. The ESD built it after successfully identifying anti-gravity components in the Attacker used in the War of 1996 granting the craft highly maneuverable VTOL abilities.

War of 2016 Edit

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