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After the release of the original Independence Day Score an unofficial extended score was released on the internet and probably for retail.

It included 34 songs on two discs.

  1. Prologue.
  2. S.E.T.I. Radio Signal.
  3. Satelite Destroyed.
  4. That's Impossible.
  5. Cropduster.
  6. The Destroyers Detach.
  7. AWAC Gets Fried.
  8. The Darkest Day.
  9. Hiller Sees The Saucer.
  10. Cancelled Leave.
  11. Launching Welcome Wagon.
  12. Welcome Wagon Moves In.
  13. Evacuation Firestorm.
  14. Aftermath.
  15. Base Attack Canyon Chase.
  16. First Lady Found.
  17. Area 51.
  18. Spaceship from Roswell.
  19. The Freak Show.
  20. El Toro Destroyed.
  21. Alien Autopsy.
  22. Nuke Atack Reunions.
  23. 1969 - Film Version.
  24. The First Lady Dies.
  25. David Gets An Idea.
  26. Planning The Attack.
  27. International Code.
  28. Pre-Flight Check.
  29. The President's Speech.
  30. Farewell Launching The Ship.
  31. Lift Off Mothership Rebellion.
  32. Jolly Roger.
  33. Independence Day.
  34. End Titles.

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