With the release of the htree soundtrack albums there has been a lot of chaos in the numbering of the songs. Even though everything has been organized on this wiki te wiki staff will publish a list of just every song in chronological order. The following album does not really excist but could be put together by combining the albums and unreleased songs. This list is just a complete list, with erveything, no double songs an no combined song as on the extended and LaLa Land Records albums. The unreleased songs still have to be added (between the score songs in chronological order).

  1. 1969 - We Came In Peace
  2. S.E.T.I. - Radio Signal
  3. Satelite Destroyed
  4. That's Impossible
  5. Cropduster
  6. The Destroyers Disengage
  7. First Sighting
  8. AWAC Gets Fried
  9. The Darkest Day
  10. Hiller Sees The Saucer
  11. Cancelled Leave
  12. Launching Welcome Wagon
  13. Welcome Wagon Moves In
  14. Evacuation
  15. Firestorm
  16. Aftermath
  17. Base Attack
  18. Marilyn Found
  19. Area 51
  20. Spaceship from Roswell
  21. The Freak Show
  22. El Toro Destroyed
  23. Alien Autopsy
  24. Target Remains - Rescue
  25. The First Lady Dies
  26. David gets An Idea
  27. Alien Ship powers Up
  28. International Code
  29. Pre-Flight Check
  30. The President's Speech
  31. Attacker Fires Up
  32. Just In Case - Attacker Fires Up * 
  33. Lift Off
  34. The Launch Tunnel
  35. Mothership
  36. Virus Uploaded
  37. The Day We Fight Back
  38. Hide! - Russell's Packin' (The Day We Fight Back)
  39. He Did It
  40. Jolly Roger
  41. Independence Day (song)
  42. End Titles
  1. 1969 We Came In Peace (Alternate) 
  2. Destroyers Disengage (No Choir) 
  3. Cancelled Leave (Alternate) 
  4. Commence Lift-Off (Alternate)
  5. Base Attack (Segment Film Version) 
  6. Marylin Found (No Choir) 
  7. Target Remains - Rescue (Alternate) 
  8. Dad's A Genius (Alternate)
  9. Virus Uploaded (Alternate) 
  10. The Day We Fight Back (Alternate) 
  11. Jolly Roger (Alternate) 
  12. End Credits (Segment No Choir).

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