At the time of the movie's release in 1996 a soundtrack album was released. It contained the most important score songs from the movie, conducted by David Arnold. The album was released on july 2, 1996 by RCA Records. 

1265316303 independence-day-ost


  1. 1969 - We Came In Peace.
  2. S.E.T.I. - Radio Signal.
  3. The Darkest Day.
  4. Cancelled Leave.
  5. Evacuation.
  6. Fire Storm.
  7. Aftermath.
  8. Base Attack.
  9. El Toro Destroyed.
  10. International Code.
  11. The President's Speech.
  12. The Day We Fight Back.
  13. Jolly Roger.
  14. End Titles.

An Extended Score was released on the internet as an unofficial bootleg containing 34 songs.

In 2010 La-La Land Records released a limited edition containing 42 songs.

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