Jake Morrison
Jake Morrison
Jake Morrison (2016)
Basic Information
Name: Jake Morrison
Status: Alive
Age: 27
Date of birth: 1989
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: Earth Space Defense
Profession: Pilot
Rank: Lieutenant
Family Information
Significant other(s): Patricia Whitmore (Fiancé)
Played by: Liam Hemsworth
First appearance: Independence Day: Crucible
Last appearance: Independence Day: Resurgence
Appears in: 1 film and 1 novel

Jake Morrison (born 1989) is a member of the Earth Space Defense. He was an orphan after his parents were killed during the War of 1996.



Jake Morrison lived in Los Angeles. During the War of 1996, Jake avoided the city's destruction due to being sent on a summer camp outside of the city. The last words that he said to his parents was that he hated them; it was the last time he saw them as his parents were unable to escape from L.A. He was present to witness the Black Knights' disastrous counterattack against the L.A. City Destroyer.[1]

Jake spent his life living in an orphanage. Despite his losses, he was not without hope include seeing Russell Casse as an inspiration. He befriended fellow orphan Charles Miller after saving him from local bullies. Jake was also inspired to become a fighter pilot.

Enlisting in the E.S.D.Edit

By 2004, Jake worked part time as a mechanic while trying to enroll into the STEP academy entrance exam. Within a year, he finally achieved in his enrollment to a STEP academy in Nevada. Furthermore, Jake decided to take Charles with him. There he met and befriended Dylan Hiller and fell in love with Patricia Whitmore, the daughter of former President Thomas Whitmore. Through this relationship, he also befriended Director David Levinson.

By 2013, Jake was applied to the ESD Academy and becoming a potential candidate for Legacy Squadron. However, Jake's cocky and anti-authority demeanor brought him into trouble with his superiors and even his wingmate Dylan. During the decisive exercise from which the leader of the squadron would be picked, Jake attempted to get before Dylan, although there was no room, clipping Dylan's wing and causing his fighter to crash to the canyon's walls; Dylan was almost killed if he didn't eject in time. As a result, he was forbidden to fly a fighter due to bad judgement attested by Dylan, who refused to file a complaint against him, and reassigned to the ESD Moon Base as a Moon Tug pilot.

Jake's hot temper brought him into consternation with commander Jiang Lao. Against regulations, he stole a Moon Tag just to be with Patricia for 2 minutes, resulting in his punishment and the extension of his tour to an additional month.

War of 2016Edit

Shortly before the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the War of 1996, an unknown alien ship appeared over the Moon and was shot down after the ESD declared it to be hostile. Director Levinson was vocal against the decision and summoned Jake, who, along with Charlie, went against ESD orders and commandeered a tug to pick him up from Umbutu. Along with Levinson, he picked up Catherine Marceaux, Dikembe Umbutu, and Floyd Rosenberg and traveled to the wreckage of the alien ship at the Van de Graaff crater. Jake and Levinson explored the wreckage and discover an intact container.

Just as they recover the object, a massive alien mothership suddenly appeared. Jake and the group barely recover the container, but their space tug was caught in the mothership's gravitational pull. The group helplessly watched the mothership destroyed the ESD Moon Base and Earth's planetary defenses. Upon entering the Earth's atmosphere, the mothership lifts objects from across Asia. The resulting debris fell across Europe, causing the space tug to come loose as well, forcing Jake to hectically fly through the falling debris over London.

After fleeing to Area 51, Jake gave his sympathy to Dylan after the latter suffered the loss of his mother. Jake then participated in the ESD's assault on the mothership in which he and several other pilots were left stranded inside the ship. He and the surviving pilots managed to escape by hijacking alien fighters; in which Jake provided a very lewd distraction in front of the aliens. He along with Dylan, Charles, and Rain Lao flown back to Area 51 and arrive on time to saving Patricia from the Harvester Queen, who was attacking the ESD base. The pilots were then caught in the Queen's telekinetic control which formed in a massive shield of other fighters that protects the Queen. However, Jake found a way to escape the Queen's control radius by overheating their fighters' engines. With the Queen left vulnerable from their previous attack, Jake and the other pilots fatally gunned down the Queen and causing the end to the invasion.


He's meeting the President and I'm stuck on the moon.
Excuse me! Down here! There you go. Listen, I usually don't hold a grudge...but you killed my parents. So...I'm gonna make an exception for you guys. Been holding that one for a while.

- Jake flipping the bird and peeing in front of the aliens.

Probably should have kept running.

- Jake after attempting to punch out an alien.

Woah, woah, babe! It's me! Trying to shoot your fiancé already?

- Jake to Patricia when she is about to shoot the spaceship he is exiting.




  1. Independence Day: Crucible

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