Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller
Jasmine R Portrait
Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller, 2016
Basic Information
Status: Deceased
Role: Dylan Dubrow-Hiller Mother
Date of death: July 4 2016
Place of death: Washington D.C.
Cause of death: Fell to her death
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Residence(s): Los Angeles
Washington, D.C.[1]
Profession: Doctor, exotic dancer (formerly)
Family Information
Marital status: Widowed
Spouse(s): Steven Hiller
Children: Dylan Dubrow-Hiller
Played by: Vivica A. Fox
First appearance: Independence Day
Last appearance: Independence Day: Resurgence
Appears in: 2 films and 2 novels
Jas Portrait
Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller (1996)

Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller was an exotic dancer in Los Angeles and the wife of Colonel Steven Hiller. She has a son named Dylan Dubrow-Hiller. Following the war, Jasmine became a doctor.


Pre-War Edit

Jasmine and her son Dylan lived in Alabama before moving to Los Angeles.[2]

War of 1996Edit

Jasmine along with Steven slept unaware of the arrival of the aliens until waking up to see a City destroyer hovering over Los Angeles. She was vocally against Steven being called back into active service but was somewhat calmed down when Steven tells her to bring herself and Dylan to El Toro where they can be safe.

Jasmine took her son to evacuate the city, only to be stuck in traffic. She then met Tiffany. She tried to convince her not to go on top of the U.S. Bank Tower, but Tiffany lied to her about not going. When the City destroyer deployed its weapon, Tiffany and the people on the U.S. Bank Tower are killed, and Jasmine and Dylan barely escaped the conflagration by hiding inside a utility tunnel. The next day, she and her son emerged to find the entire city in ruins. They then managed to find a working fire truck and began finding some survivors; among those the First Lady Marilyn Whitmore. Jasmine continued her destination to El Toro with the survivors, but only to find the base destroyed by the the Harvesters and everyone dead, she believed Steven was among those killed.

Jasmine and the survivors camped out in the base until being rescued by a still-alive Steven, who arrived by helicopter. They were then flown to Area 51.

During the lead-up to the July 4th counterattack, Jasmine consummated her marriage to Steven, who volunteered to participate in the infiltration of a Colony mothership. Following the success of the counterattack and the defeat of the aliens, Jasmine was joyfully reunited with Steven.


After the war, Jasmine returned to school to study nursing. In 2007, Steve was killed in a test flight accident. Jasmine was devastated by the sudden loss of her husband.

Several years after Steve's death, Jasmine became a hospital administrator in Washington, D.C.

War of 2016Edit

During the July 4th celebrations in 2016, Earth was threatened again by the aliens. As the Harvester Mothership made landfall on the Atlantic Ocean and its landing struts ravaged across the American eastern seaboard, Jasmine desperately evacuated her hospital. She ultimately died trying to rescue a new born child and her mother after the Harvester Mothership's landing strut destroyed the hospital, causing her to fall to her death.


Independence DayEdit

Independence Day: ResurgenceEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Jasmine Dubrow was originally cast by Jada Pinkett Smith, who turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts with The Nutty Professor (1996).



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