July 3 Counterattack
LA Battle 55


War of 1996


3 July 1996




Harvester victory




  • Various political and military leaders
  • Unknown
  • Multiple human air forces

Heavy; most military bases destroyed

Light; minor Attackers brought down[1]


The July 3 counterattack was an retaliatory attempt by human military forces against the Harvesters in the War of 1996. Compared to the attack the following day, the assault was not globally coordinated, though it did occur nearly simultaneously.


Following the devastating first wave attack, which included the destruction of national capitals such as Washington, D.C., London, Berlin, and Tokyo, individual countries immediately began to deploy their forces for a counterattack. In the United States, three attacks were prepared against the ships still over Washington, New York, and Los Angeles, the latter of which was lead by the Marine Black Knights squadron. Some of the attacks were not full assaults, but probing strikes to assess the Harvesters' defenses.[2]

The AttackEdit

In Los Angeles, the Black Knights launched AMRAAM missiles at the City Destroyer. However, in what would repeat itself all over the world, the missiles explode against the Harvesters' impenetrable force shields. Soon after, the City Destroyer deployed thousands of Attackers that, equipped with similar shields, began a very one-sided dogfight against human forces. Only one Attacker was downed, thanks to superior flying skills and trickery by Captain Steven Hiller.

The counterattacks in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Jerusalem, London, and every other destroyed city quickly turned into a complete rout.[1][2] The Attackers did not stop merely with the forces in the air; they proceeded towards their bases of origin and destroyed all the planes that were still on the ground. This occurred before additional attacks that began to systematically destroy humanity's military forces. With the attack a resounding failure, the City Destroyers began to move towards their next targets.


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