The Luftwaffe (German for "air weapon") is the air force of Germany. It gained infamy during World War II for its aggressive bombing campaign over Britain and other countries. Following the war, it was reformed.

During the War of 1996, the Luftwaffe participated in the initial counterattack following the devastating July 2 strike. It was deployed against the Berlin City Destroyer, but the squadrons were wiped out by the ship's attackers. Surviving German forces retreated south to Bavaria and, with support from other NATO forces, brought down the City Destroyer over Munich.

In 2016, President Thomas Whitmore was reading a book about the Luftwaffe called "The Luftwaffe: A History."

Trivia Edit

  • The book featured in Independence Day: Resurgence, "The Luftwaffe: A History" by John Killen is a real book.

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