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Major Mitchell
Major Mitchell portrait 01
Basic Information
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: United States Air Force
Rank: Major
Family Information
Played by: Adam Baldwin
First appearance: Independence Day

Major Mitchell was the commanding officer of Area 51.


Major Mitchell was a high achiever despite his relatively young age. Impressed by his work, his superiors assigned him the position of supervising operations at Area 51.[1]

During the War of 1996, Mitchell greeted the arrival of President Thomas Whitmore and his staff to Area 51. Mitchell was part of Whitmore's security detail when the President questioned with a captured alien. When the alien attempts a psychic attack against Whitmore, Mitchell and his detail killed it.

During the counterstrike against the aliens, Mitchell oversaw the program to recruit able volunteers, later helping refugees take shelter inside Area 51 when the aliens began their attack on the base. Mitchell was present to overhear Russell Casse's decision to sacrifice himself to destroy the City Destroyer, saving everyone in the process. Mitchell gave some comfort to Casse's eldest son Miguel, solemnly telling Miguel that his father had been a brave man.



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