Russian Federation
Flag of Russia.svg
Type Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic
Location Eurasia
Capital Moscow
Head(s) of State President Boris Yeltsin (1992-?) (c. 1996)
A. Zebachev (c. 2016)[1]

The Russian Federation is a country in northern Eurasia. It is a federal semi-presidential republic and the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area. As the Soviet Union (1922-1991), it served as the political, military, and economic rival of the United States throughout the Cold War (1947-1991). Both nations were involved in a series of Space Race, nuclear arms race, and proxy conflicts throughout majority of the Third World. It is one of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and one of the founders of the Earth Space Defense.


During the War of 1996 the appearance of the City Destroyers caused mass panic across Russia. These were widely reported in international new stations. Moscow and Vladivostok were completely destroyed during the first day of the invasion. On the second day, the aliens targeted the cities of St. Petersburg and Volgograd.[2]

Russian military retaliation against the aliens were met with similar catastrophic results as in other nations, except that the Russians failed to recognize the absolute invulnerability of the aliens' force-field technology and allowing many of their servicemen to die in pointless assaults.[3] During the July 4th counterattack, Russian forces managed to intercept a City Destroyer over Petropavlovsk.

After the war, Russia was left militarily weaken. As a result, the Russian government requested foreign military aid against surviving alien forces that remain in Russia.[3] Russia soon joined the Earth Space Defense and became the first nation to colonize Rhea.[3]



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