Stephen Bell
Biographical Information
Name: Stephen Bell
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Alias(es): Title: Mr. Vice President
Career Information
Profession: Vice President of the United States
Family Information
Marital status: Unknown
First appearance: Independence Day: Crucible

Stephen Bell is an American politician who served as Vice President of the United States underneath Presidents Thomas J. Whitmore and William Grey. [1]


Bell became Thomas Whitmore's new vice president sometime after the War of 1996. He was supportive of research and development in reverse-engineering alien technology for military applications while in favor of cutting money to government aid to the American people, as he believed it should be the private sector's responsibility and that it detracts the military's preparedness for a second alien invasion. Bell continued serving as vice president under William Grey.



Political offices
Preceded by
Vice President of the United States
Succeeded by
Elizabeth Lanford